Trademark in Pakistan:

Today we will talk about all the aspects of Trademark in Pakistan, The purpose, the importance, the companies providing services of trademark in Pakistan as well the process of registration and trademark in Pakistan. As you know trademark is a legally registered name which is associated with a product. It means a form of intellectual property rights. This is the name or symbol that is used by a brand for the marketing purpose. It is very necessary because it is used to protect the brand from which a company gains its identity.

Why do you need a Trademark?

After knowing what is a trademark you need to know why you need one. Your company is like your body and the trademark is its soul to protect the should of your business you need to get yourself registered and get a trademark so no one can copy or use your name. There are different reasons why you need a trademark and how it helps your company and its employees with the reputation and translates your company’s Morales. Now let’s talk about the importance of trademark in businesses.

Purpose of Trademark in Pakistan:

The purpose of trademark in Pakistan is to identify goods and services of the member of registry from all other current and future members of registry, and to give legal protection to such goods and services. The important purpose of trademark in Pakistan is to facilitate human memory and recall by customers in identifying particular good, product or service. It is just as important for the recognition of standard nature of goods and services from the different ones produced or marketed by other members of the registry. The users of marks often considers the marks initially and then identify those goods and services and their source. Trademark in Pakistan is registered on the official registry of Pakistan. As to the registration of trademark, the matter of to whom the registration should be applied for is rather unique. It is same as to the registration of trade name. Importance of trademark in Pakistan:

Let’s dive into the importance of a trademark for your company. In this part we will discuss 4 major reasons why trademark is important.

Trademark as brand recognition:

After learning what is trademark and also about the purpose of trademark we need to talk about how it helps your business to be recognized. It grants you security for your startup. When you use a trademark it provides you with a distinction for all your company’s products and services. This also gives your company a distinction in the market and also

A reason to join your company:

As we have discussed how it gives your company a distinction it is very important for startups to have a separate name in the market from which the can we known. A trademark in Pakistan helps you in making a positive reputation in the market in the country that attracts various employees and gives them a reason to work for you.

Trademark is for life:

Trademark is and can be for life. It does need some renewal from time to time but it is Permanent and for your whole life. Trademark registration companies help you in making your name and products different recognized by people in the market as well as the government too and there is no one that can copy your products or your name.

Sense of autonomy:

Trademark in Pakistan is like protective blanket for all startups and gives them a cushion that takes all the hits from the market. It should be a top priority for all businesses to get them registered and get a trademark and to help you in the process we will be mentioning some great online trademark registration companies which will be discussed below.

Trademark Registration Companies in Pakistan:

If you own a business that is not a trademark then you are at a constant risk of being infringed. And what’s worse is that if the infringer copies your idea and gets it registered before you, owning rights to an idea which was the byproduct of your efforts leaving you to deal with lawsuits and other legal penalties. The only way to avoid that is to get your brand registered as soon as possible. There are many law firms offering trademark registration packages in Pakistan to make the entire process convenient and affordable.

To Register a Trademark in Pakistan is imperative for every business be it a small, medium or a large enterprise. It guarantees protection to your brand from duplication and violation of copyrights. Not only that, it makes your brand and its products distinct and unique which increases its credibility and worth amongst its potential audience.

If you’re a Pakistani, you are well aware of the fact that how international and local bands are easily copied here, Zinger for instance is an example of how a trademark product of KFC is pretty much the top product of every other fast food you’ll see in Pakistan without KFC’s consent. Register a trademark in Pakistan to avoid this.

To register a trademark in Pakistan, you have two choices:

  • Self-registration
  • Representative registration

Law firms offering Trademark registration packages in Pakistan:

There are multiple law firms and lawyers offering trademark registration packages in Pakistan and securing your business at the most affordable prices. Now we will be stating a few to help you pick the best trademark registration packages in Pakistan to get your brand infringement proof.


The first one is IPO also known as Intellectual property organization of Pakistan that provides trademark in Pakistan. The IPO started registering trademarks back in 2001 under Trademarks ordnance. The company’s main goal is to enlighten people about their rights to own their brand and to help them in the process. They have several services in all the major countries for Pakistan like: Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. The company is well known for its well organized structure and departments which handle all the legal infrastructure related to your trademark.

Logo and Trademark registration consultancy in Rwp & Islamabad:

Another great provider for trademark in Pakistan is Logo and Trademark registration consultancy in Rwp & Islamabad. It is one of the few companies that provide online registration process for trademark registration which very convenient in today’s world since we are going through a pandemic. The whole process is very easy, you submit your application through an online platform and you can easily check its status.

When talking about how to get trademark in Pakistan how can we forget one of the most promising provider of Trademark in Pakistan. The company is supervised by professional united legal experts which have their headquarters in in United Kingdom. The process of registration is almost the same or slight variations. Now when it comes to it has three different packages in which the company provides different services on different rates. The best part about this company is that it involves trademark application preparation, and comprehensive research. They provide on call consultation and also e-commerce strategies for their brand and also brand protection and also protection advices.

Registration process of Trademark in Pakistan:

As per the Implementing Regulation of the Trade Mark Ordinance 2001 there are 5 different ways to register a trademark in Pakistan, provided the goods/services are:

  • Global Method of Registration
  • Certification Method of Registration
  • The Separate Trademark Application
  • Method for Collective Marks and Certification Marks
  • Collective Marks with Designation of Areas
  • Certification Marks with Designation of Areas

Now let’s move towards the type of trademark applications in Pakistan and which one is for you.

Types of trademark Application in Pakistan:

There are three types of trademark Application in Pakistan which are as follows:

  1. Ordinary trademark Application
  2. Priority trademark Application
  3. Multi Class Trademark Application

Ordinary trademark Application:

This type trademark application in Pakistan means that this application does not claim any kind of priority. Let’s keep in mind that, in Pakistan you cannot mark multi-class application. The ordinary trademark application is generally filed for a single class of services or goods.

Priority trademark Application:

The second type of trademark application in Pakistan is Priority trademark Application. When you are claiming priority from the convention country then that trademark application is called Priority trademark Application. In Pakistan you need to file it within the period of 6 months after your application was done in the convention country. When you are claiming priority then you need a number of certified documents that are filed with Intellectual property organization of Pakistan.

Multi Class Trademark Application:

As the name suggest this type of trademark application in Pakistan covers more than1 type of good and services which cannot be filed in Pakistan. In other countries it does help the applicants in preserving their cash flow as they only have to pay for a single class when it comes to initial filing.

Best practices for applicants of trademark in Pakistan:

Taking everything into consideration that is the process of registration the types of trademark applications in Pakistan we have brought together a few practices for you guys that will help you in the process.

  1. Claim the Date: The actual date on which you started using the services of trademark in Pakistan make sure you have a proof. This helps you in making sure that it is your right and solidifies your position over the trademark. Never leave the date of use section blank, as it can and will be used against you. You can change your application but for that you will be require to pay extra fee and it is just an extra expense for what could have been done when you were filling the application.

For the proof you ca have different things as Proof for example:

  • Bills since the year that specific trademark was in use.
  • Name being used in e-commerce campaigns
  • Advertisements (Radio or TV or both)
  • Registration certificates from the government
  • Your official website that is using the mark
  1. Do research: Before filling in your trademark application it is advised to do a prior research, so that you don’t unknowingly use a trademark that belongs to another person or party.

If suppose there is another party that claims that you are using the same name then there is a good chance they can sue you and they can also claim that you have committed a fraud. There is a very good chance it is not true because you didn’t even know that company existed but this can damage your stand in the market pretty hard. To save yourself from such fuss always for your market research.

  1. Dennemeyer: You don’t not have to worry you can always go and find a dennemeyer who can represent you in front of Intellectual property organization of Pakistan (IPO) or even in front of the Pakistan’s court system until he has the experience and type qualification needed for this process.

In all these processes is here to provide you guidance from step 1 till your trademark is registered and you have a fully functional company and its products. To know get yourself registered with click on the link below to get started.