Design Patent in USA

Secure & Confidential sharing. Get Pending Patent status right away.  Design Search is complementary worth $225 with all packages. 

Design Registration

Steps for Design Patent in USA

  • Comprehensive Search
  • Preparation of Draft
  • Preparation of Drawings if Applicable 
  • Filing of Application
  • Preliminary Examination
  • Response to Examination Report (If any Objections)
  • Publication 
  • Issuance of Registration Certificate
  • Maintenance after Registration


For us, The IP Protector team is not just our trademark service provider but our “All in one Legal Office ” they are providing fantastic legal services whether in terms of litigation or simple trademark filling in China, USA, EU and anywhere in the world.


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Prior Art Search & Confidentiality 

Confidentiality is one of the most important step before proceeding with design patent filling. By placing an order and sharing any information, the Non-Disclosure Agreement will get executed automatically and your information stay secure regardless. You will receive the signed NDA through our representative for your record. 

A patent search would tell you the probability of acceptance of your patent before even filing which would eventually save you a lot of money and time. You can get a Patent Search service through Patent SearchYou may get complimentary service if you purchase any of the above packages, however, you can separately purchase the patent search as you feel comfortable. 

After Search 

Once the search due diligence is completed and your product is considered as unique and ready to file. You must prepare the drawings as per the USPTO standards guidelines in order to overcome any future objections or if that is included in your package, our experts will prepare for you. You will work alongside with our dedicated team and who will make sure that your application in the best standard practices. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The small entity gov fee is $408, the undiscounted fee is $1020 approximately. Our representative will check in which category you fall. However, with the direct order placing, you will be charged for $408 small entity fee, in case you fall under an undiscounted USPTO fee, an additional gov fee would be charged at later stage. The fee includes Filling, Search, and Examination. You may check here USPTO Schedule of Fee . Any additional gov fee by the office at any stage would be charged separately.
It takes approximately 24 months from the date of filing. The gov fee for such NOA will be paid at such an appropriate stage
You The Standard Package is Pay as you go, you will be charged separately in case you face any objections from the USPTO in the future, Recommended for Start Ups. The Premium package is for medium businesses and for the people who want us to handle start till end. Lastly, the Professional Package is for complete peace of mind in which we file and provide you the acceptance certificate at the end. This includes all complexities and services till the end and you will not be bothered for anything. 

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