How to get trademark services in Pakistan

Trademark Services in Pakistan

Today we are going to talk about how any new company can get their trademark registered in Pakistan. Before going into the step by step details of how to get trademark services in Pakistan let’s talk about what is trademark?

A trademark is any unique phrase or a number or both that can be presented in a graphical manner that presents your company and its products is called a trademark. Trademark in normal novice language is often known as Brane name. A trademark is supposed to be easy and simple and easy to pronounce.

Why do you need a Trademark services in Pakistan?

After knowing what is a trademark you need to know why you need one. Your company is like your body and the trademark is its soul to protect the should of your business you need to get yourself registered and get a trademark so no one can copy or use your name. Let’s dive into the importance of a trademark services in Pakistan for your company.

Trademark as brand recognition:

After learning what is trademark we need to talk about how it helps your business to be recognized. It grants you security for your startup. When you use a trademark it provides you with a distinction for all your company’s products and services.

Trademark for life:

Trademark is and can be for life. It does need some renewal from time to time but it is Permanent and for your whole life. Trademark registration companies help you in making your name and products different recognized by people in the market as well as the government too and there is no one that can copy your products or your name.

Before jumping into getting the services let’s get to know who are eligible for getting these services.

Eligibility criteria for trademark registration:

There is no restriction of any kind. Any person belogining to any place in the world or in Pakistan is eligible to apply for the trademark registration process in Pakistan.

Now let’s move on to how to get trademark services in Pakistan. And what are the options that the new entrepreneurs have in getting trademark services in Pakistan.

Trademark services in Pakistan:


IPO is the Intellectual property organization of Pakistan that provides trademark services in Pakistan. The IPO started registering trademarks back in 2001 under Trademarks ordnance. The company’s main goal is to enlighten people about their rights to own their brand and to help them in the process. They have several services in all the major countries for Pakistan like: Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. The company is well known for its well organized structure and departments which handle all the legal infrastructure related to your trademark.

Logo and Trademark registration consultancy in Rwp & Islamabad:

Another great provider for trademark services in Pakistan is Logo and Trademark registration consultancy in Rwp & Islamabad. It is one of the few companies that provide online registration process for trademark registration which very convenient in today’s world since we are going through a pandemic. The whole process is very easy, you submit your application through an online platform and you can easily check its status.

When talking about how to get trademark services in Pakistan how can we forget one of the most promising provider of Trademark services in Pakistan. The company is supervised by professional united legal experts which have their headquarters in in United Kingdom. The process of registration is almost the same or slight variations. Now when it comes to it has three different packages in which the company provides different services on different rates. The best part about this company is that it involves trademark application preparation, and comprehensive research. They provide on call consultation and also e-commerce strategies for their brand and also brand protection and also protection advices.

These are some of the best trademark services in Pakistan and one of the few companies that provide online trademark registration process which is a very feasible option especially in this pandemic as most of us are unable to get many things done because of smart lockdowns. I personally think is doing a great job by providing different packages to people and giving them various options to choose from so that the client can choose what packages suits them the best in long-term.

Trademark Registration process in Pakistan:

As per the Implementing Regulation of the Trade Mark Ordinance 2001 there are 5 different ways to register a trademark in Pakistan, provided the goods/services are:

  • Global Method of Registration
  • Certification Method of Registration
  • The Separate Trademark Application
  • Method for Collective Marks and Certification Marks
  • Collective Marks with Designation of Areas
  • Certification Marks with Designation of Areas

For more information about trademark and registration process follow and get your company registered.

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