What is Amazon Brand Registry?


Amazon Brand Registry is a Brand Authentication program designed by Amazon to control the counterfiets selling on it’s market place. Amazon Brand Registry provides several perks and benifits and to provide strict control to authentic brand owners. 


Who is it for?

It is one of the special characteristics of Amazon Brand Registry for a seller who manufactures his own product. A registered brand can A unique program offered by Amazon for the registry of a brand on Amazon that validates a seller brand as well as enhanced its marketing features and have complete control over the brand. It also safeguarded your intellectual property as well as build ups your brand existence on Amazon and boost up their business. By registering through this program, you can also avail exceptional perks over your undocumented brands.

Amazon says:

“For brand owners, enrolling in the Brand Registry provides access to powerful tools to help protect your trademarks, including proprietary text and image search and predictive automation.”

Signing up for Amazon Brand Registry

unlocks numerous advantages such as:

Provide additional greater brand protection as well as control over your listing content and  pointing out counterfeit sellers

Access to powerful Brand-building benefits  

Provide a dedicated internal team for submitting and escalating IP infringement claims as well as incorrect listing contributions and variations

Provide a tool to monitor your brand on Amazon.

Grant you access Allow an opportunity to revamp the content display on product listings by Amazon A+ Content

Expand visibility to publicise your brand through different advertising ways and interactive media.


In order to get a Brand Registry on Amazon, you need to file a trademark with the USPTO (United States Patents and Trademark Office), which would be the first step after which you would be able to enrol brand on Amazon. A trademark could be text based, word mark or logo with words, letter or digits. Once you have a trademark for the brand, our specialized Amazon Brand Registry Team would help you in enrolling your brand on Amazon. 


Steps for Brand Registry on Amazon

  • Your Name – full name as it appears on legal documents or trademark applications
  • Address – must match the business address in your Amazon Seller or Vendor account settings
  • Admin email address on your Amazon Seller or Vendor account
  • Phone Number and immediate access to your phone
  • Brand Name (must match your trademark)
  • Registered Trademark and its Serial Number
  • Country of trademark office
  • Product categories you sell this brand in
  • List of countries where your products are manufactured and disturbed.

To file a Trademark application in the USA, it requires information related to goods and services classification for which the mark will be used. At the time of filing trademark application you must provide the information whether you are already using the trademark in commerce or you are intending to use it in future. If you are intending to use the trademark in future, you will have to file the Statement of Use once the Notice of Allowance will be issued. If you are already using the Trademark, you must provide the first use of the trademark in commerce date or anywhere, whether the trademark is a word, logo, slogan or its combined.

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